FUSION the first in a series of three collaborative interactive telepresence events

The live manifestation of the first FUSION event will take place at:


College of Fine Arts,
Selwyn Street,
Paddington, Sydney,

June 9 & 10 from 6pm - 11pm
June 12 from 6am -10am

Medien Faculty,
Bauhaus University,

June 9 & 10 from 9am - 2pm
June 11, 10pm - 2am

and online at http://www.uni-weimar.de/~fusion/


FUSION'99 is the first in a series collaborative interactive telepresence events which explore the current break down of definitions, dualisms and geographical boundaries on the internet. The theme focuses on the fusions occurring between the artificial, the organic and the virtual through the collapses and interactions of "Cyberspace".

Next week, the Medien Facultity of the Bauhaus University Weimar, The Australian Network for Art and Technology and The College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney will host Fusion '99, an experimental event from point to point over the Net.

The event which features the work of 12 Artists and Computer Scientists from Germany and Australia, attempts to push the boundaries of cyberspace past simple e-mail and net-surfing. By using the latest real- time technologies and collaborative techniques, the artists in Australia and those of Germany pair up to test new levels of interactivity, conceptual collaboration and virtual space. The work ranges from live audio streaming and installation, to video manipulation, to the use of various available net softwares which have yet to be utilised creativity such as Net Meeting or Hotline Chats, WWW sites and VRML possibilities and finally to the concepts of telepresence performance.

It promises to break new ground, furthering collaborative techniques between educational institutions, inventing new programs for net communication as well as expanding current applications for use by creative artist and students. Participating artists will question and re-define old definitions of space, nature, evolution, identity and artistic authorship.

Jill Scott, the initiator of this project says "The intention is to hold a series of FUSION events over time, which will form a body of researched results to assist with the development of protocols for telepresence events, defend the sponsorship of more online collaborative techniques between educational institutions, and simultaneously test applications for industry standards by creative artists and students."

The Sydney projects are:

Live Audio Streams: A stream of work by Sydney composers who modify and manipulate sounds. Developed and produced by Damian Castaldi and Scott Horscroft. Also including: Sigma editions- Audio CD's and publications representing Dion Workman, Rosy Parlene, TorbenTilly, Jasmine Guffond, David Haines, Anna Sanders, Vladislav Delay.
Webcam feed http://nt.cofa.unsw.edu.au/fusion/livefeed.html

The RealAudio Player address for the streams is
The RealVideo address for the stream is

Download RealPlayer 5.0 or G2

Digiplasma, a highly charged gap devoid of content emersed within an infinite electro magnetic spectrum parading as message. This digi plasma will be used as a mixing element between other transmissions (Video Streaming with Quick Time) by Brad Miller.

The Collectorscope is an interactive animation device for capturing images off the web and animating them. The idea is to have two participants each with a video camera to try to match their body positions and collect images of themselves which automatically animate. (Director and Web-cam) By John Hughes with additional programming by Mr. Snow.

Carrier is the domain of a www based infectious java agent which navigates the user through immersive visual and aural landscapes of viral symbiosis. (www and chat feedback) By Melinda Rackham.

Notes Towards A Place is a space for text and audio that encourages contributions by users in a VRML environment. It is an attempt to define aspects of Sydney through text/s that construct a virtual place, and simultaneously allow for the German participants to define their city (Weimar) in the same environment. By Sarah Waterson.

acting as a hub for fusion is Internet Relay Chat. The best server Australian users have been using is
active channel is #fusion
In Weimar the projects are:

What's Cooking In The Realm? A network installation involving several cooking pots as a form of mystic surveillance, transporting old folklore into the next millennium. A global cuisine browser. (Live Web Cam) By Sue Machert.

Transonator a parallel interactive sound installation in Sydney and Weimar, which uses live stream audio to transport the viewer from one river to a pastisch of soundscapes and spectral components, providing shifts in rhythms and spatial structuring. (MSP Real-time audio processing software and Real Audio) By Andreas Krach and Johannes Sienknecht.

Schlaglichter is a series of media ideas about emergence. The visitors that come to each venue of fusion 99, will be combined together and fused. (Net-meeting and Mac Morph) By Marion Meyer.

SeaM-Studio für elektroakustische Musik: 1. Soundtracks:- with a telescope through Weimar a project by Pablo Aura-Langer, Holger Hœußermann Hyo-Sung-Kim, Anne König, Sun-Young Park . Jae-Hi Uh 2. Impromtu -A live-improvisation with-in SuperCollider-a written sound arrangement program.The computer as an instrument, by Peter lang.

Open Source Media Art Project A Different Way Of Encoding Information. We use systems to convert the live input from a video camera into the ASCII format modeled on the old school way of presenting graphical information in the dawn of networked systems. |a|s|c|v|i|d|. (2 x ASCII video client/servers) By Andreas Schiffler and Bernd Diemer.

Future Bodies (Stage 1) is an interactive script writing research project to determine the future of three virtual characters with genetic modifications and multiple identities, by Jill Scott including |L|a|n|g|u|a|g|e| |S|i|m|u|l|a|t|o|r| artificial intelligence chat with synthetic personalities by Guillaume Stagnaro.

Virtual Cuts is a performance and a mixture between the real and the virtual while two people (one in Sydney and another in Weimar) are cutting their own hair , slowly but permanently, discussing this process together and asking the audience to give comments and suggestions. (Web-cam, rear view projection and real Audio) By Ulla Marguard.

For further information & interviews contact:

In Australia:
Amanda McDonald Crowley, Director, ANAT
0419 829 313   [email protected]

In Germany:
Professor Dr Jill Scott, Bauhaus University
[email protected]

FUSION is proudly supported in Australia by: the Australian Network for Art and Technology; the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council; the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales; and Metro Screen Ltd; and in Gemany by: the Media Faculty of the Bauhaus University in Weimar, and Deutsche Telekom AG.